Regardless of your position as a business owner a ‘Brexit-Event is cause for concern, but here at TCS we reason that in the absence of any specific ‘UK Official’ approach you should be proactive by ensuring your business is in the best possible shape that it can be. Taking action is a great way to reduce your level of concern or stress and it may help protect the market reputation of your business and for reference the Information Commissioner spoke on this very subject, refresh yourself HERE.

We recommend to our clients to perform a gap analysis across their Business Operations, Supply-Chain,  IT Management, Compliance, Risk and Asset Management to identify any areas that may require attention. However a critical area for any business is its Information Management Supply-Chain and by this I mean how it receives, stores and processes the information it requires to generate revenue. For many businesses any lack of policy, process or strategy in this area could lead to catastrophic failures in business operations resulting in severe and long lasting impact to the company brand and reputation.

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For reference the ICO information on the subject of a Brexit-Event is available HERE.