Protecting Your Investment & Revenue


It will have taken a considerable amount of time and investment to build your business establishing the brand, trust and market reputation so rightly you will want to protect this as any unplanned impact can be long lasting.

Our services support you in ensuring that your investment is protected and not put at risk and our tiered service structure, incorporating our unique framework, ensures that services are always delivered at a scale appropriate to your business regardless of its current position, type or size.

Available below is a summary of our TotalView Protect (TVP) Services, so why not book-in your free initial consultation using the button below to discuss and agree which meets your need.

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Give your business access to our skilled consultancy services when it needs, available at a level of cost and service to suit any business. Support may be requested by Email or Phone and covers areas such as GDPR Compliance, Subject Access Requests, Virtual Security Officer, Information Security, Supply-Chain, Asset and Risk Management.

Our entry level consultancy service package comprising of a structured high level assessment of your existing business operations strategies, policy and process with the deliverable or outcome being a ‘traffic-light’ summary of where the need for improvement has been identified. The summary is colour coded to show the priority areas, and for each a description is given to explain what has been identified, how and the impact to the business of implementing the revised approach. Optionally this package may be upgraded to include our management of the agreed improvements.

An in-depth, business and supply-chain wide strategy review that once again identifies opportunity for improvement in key strategy, policy and process, but this time covered in some detail that also identifies possible strategic high-level approaches ranging from a change in policy or process, a new management strategy or perhaps the business adopting a management standard such as ISO27001 (Information Security Management Standard). Included with this service is a free-of-charge 3 or 6 month post implementation assessment, and as a cost option we are able to manage the implementation of agreed improvement(s).

A structured service that follows on from the Silver service providing dedicated skilled on-site resource to work with the business to ensure the continued good company reputation, image/brand and revenues. This is achieved by conducting ongoing assessment and review, suggested monthly but can be varied, of the strategies deployed using the Silver service including but not limited to Information Security Management, Supply Chain, Asset, Change and Risk Management to ensure their continued effectiveness at protecting the business from unplanned impact, effect, cost and risk.

A Cloud based software offering providing workforce based businesses with a single effective and secure solution in which to manage their staff, supplier and subcontractor workplace and site certification, ensuring on-time, on-budget project delivery. The service allows your business to manage all workplace, site, plant and equipment certificates and maintenance schedules in a single place, with a top-level dashboard giving an single view of all your company certificates and highlighting those approaching expiry. All of this available via your laptop, smartphone and tablet.

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