It is often said that unless we are prepared to make decisions our business will not realize its’ full potential slowed down by inadequate, un-relevant and in-effective management strategy and no matter how much you try additional resources it just will not make a detectable difference.

We often see where change programmes are undertaken, product and services refreshed, messaging improved or additional resources introduced but frustration ensues because outcomes just do not reach expectation and this is because underlying or foundation management strategy is restricting the business not matter what resource is added.

As a business owner or senior member of the management team you must ensure that core management strategies are effective and relevant and able to protect the Market Reputation, Brand or Image and Revenues through effective risk reduction and control strategy. The impact of not having these in-place or them not being ineffective could be long-lasting and very costly as there is no quick fix to a damaged commercial reputation or business risk due to failed improvement programmes.

You may be able to comfort yourself by taking a balanced view of past events and think that the future will work the same thus equating to their being no immediate or compelling need to take action but in an ever evolving commercial and technological landscape where we are ever increasingly connected, integrated and sharing information this changes the way that risk can be introduced to our business and management strategy must be evolved accordingly.

The intention of this blog is not to scare but to get you to just think for a couple of moments if your business may require that little bit extra support.

Ask Yourself:

Make 2019 the year that makes a difference by asking yourself;

  • When did the business last review Management and Operations Strategy, policy and process?
  • How effective are current Information Security strategy, policy and processes?
  • Do I know my business assets and are they managed to reduce risk to them?
  • How do I manage and what level of risk exists in my supply-chain?
  • Are my staff aware of their role in Information Security?
  • What is the scope of our change management process?
  • Does our change management reduce risk to all assets?

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