Businesses must continue to insure themselves against the unexpected and unplanned. Businesses should also use proactive management strategy to plan for avoidance and experience tells us that any additional cost vastly out-way the true cost of such events materializing, we often refer to this as a form of Revenue Protection.

Our TCS management system contains all that is needed to deliver our services and to support you on your journey to implementing a proactive strategy from assessment matrix, audit and review frameworks, documented standards, training material and template process and policy documents.

The GOLD service delivers our proactive business protect strategy. It comes with a single set monthly cost and includes an on-boarding assessment, onsite consultant day per month and access to our management system. Whilst on-site the consultant will work alongside the business to ensure that the proactive management strategies continue to be effective. Ultimately the service is configurable to the needs of the business and regardless of what your business requires we are confident that we can still deliver.

All of our services are geared to ensuring that your business protects its assets from the unexpected or unplanned with BRONZE identifying the areas requiring improvement, SILVER identifying the areas and the detail of what is required and then optionally implementing them with you and then free-of-charge returning in either 3 or 6 months to ensure that they are effective and delivering agreed outcomes.

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We are confident that not only do we ensure businesses protect their image or brand and reputation but through the operation of effective management strategy reduce costs and increase efficiency.