Are your business assets subject to an appropriate level of protection?

All businesses have assets, held in a variety of forms and if we refer to a dictionary then it will confirm that regardless of the form the relation to the business is the same, with this being either;

  • A useful or valuable thing or person’, or
  • Anything tangible or intangible that can be owned or controlled to produce value and that is held by a company to produce positive economic value’.

It leads on that business owners have a responsibility to the business and its’ interested parties to ensure that such assets, the ones that meet the above criteria, are subject to appropriate levels of protection that reflect the risk to their value being transferred, changed, reduced or removed without permission.

Depending on the form or type of the asset the protection strategy will differ but the end-game is the same, to ensure that the ability to effect sole control of the asset is retained by the business regardless of where the asset is located and in what form(s).

TCS Gold

Our TCS Gold service benefits businesses through our ongoing support with and assessment of a businesses operation of brand and reputation management strategies including Business Asset Protection Management. Ongoing because as the business changes its assets may also, so we are with you for the journey and via a single relationship ensuring that your strategies, including Business Change Control and Risk Management, continue to provide the level of protection appropriate to the level of internal and external risk factors.

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