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Improving Business Operations

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Improving Business Operations

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Improving Business Operations

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Delivering Improvement in your Business Operations

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Our customers come to us to solve problems as these are often preventing the business from moving forward and achieving its goals. The video below introduces some of the areas where we work with our clients and the type of challenges we address for them and if any of these are on your ‘to-do-list’ then do Make Contact Now to arrange a chat.

Our Mission

To continually deliver to our Customers real and sustainable IT and Technology services, support and management improvement with jargon free consultancy at a price that makes real business sense.

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This section of the website uses video to explain what we are all about. No sound just simple messages to ensure that you understand what we are all about and what we can do for your business. Alongside each video is a short description, so do take a look and Make Contact if you have any further questions.

What I am all about and why I am a great fit for your business.


Get in the driving seat of your supply-chain.



Introducing my approach.



Identifying improvement in your Information Security strategy.



What our customers say about us.



Why our customers come to us.



The problems, challenges or issues I solve for your businesses.



Ensuring that your business in not at risk.


We Really Deliver

We use our own methods to identify areas for improvement in your business, including its supply-chain, and our in-depth experience directs us to which method to use and when. These methods are based upon best practice methodologies such as ITIL, ISO27001, ISO9001, CDSA/MPAA but benefit from the addition of real experiences across many different sectors including Business IT, Digital Media, Digital Advertising, Broadcast, Content Services, Video-On-Demand and Gaming.

Working with us

We are from the industry and have managed and delivered services over a number of years and we pride ourselves on our professional nature and approach to our work. We avoid the use of unnecessary jargon and will ensure at all times that we explain fully and that you understand exactly what we are propose and of course as qualified auditors we will come back and assess the effectiveness. We do not sell solutions but prefer to focus on the best application of our professional experience and skill, developed over a number of years working with businesses.

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We would really like you to learn more about what we can do for your business so please use the contact details shown below.

It would be great to hear from you.

A Happy Client

If you are wondering what our clients say about us, here are some great words from a recent client.

“Andrew was helpful from the start to finish, of our GDPR compliance, and explained our obligations in an easy to understand format from presentation to compilation of all required documents -Thank you! ”

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20+ Years Of Relevant Management Experience

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Assessing your Business

To offer you the best possible level of service we start of by reviewing your business across its’ entirety, including the supply-chain, or alternatively the area(s) that you specify, building a complete picture that starts with demand(s) or inputs, completes with the output product and services and everything in-between.

This information will be treated as confidential, and will only be used by ourselves for the purposes of our engagement and will be stored securely at all times, and will be used in conjunction with direct input from yourselves to identify the correct solution and its design.


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Identifying the right solution

We identify the correct solution for your business, one that is at the right level and future proof, a solution that is designed with simplicity and ease of operation and management in mind.

A solution may be a change in policy, process or core strategy, the adoption of a management standard such as ISO27001, ISO9001 or a mixture of all.

One thing is sure it will be the right solution for your business as opposed to a rigid, inflexible or structured approach that is made to fit.

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Solution Implementation

We are a consultancy business providing expertise and skills to clients in key areas such as GDPR/Compliance, IT Security, Risk and Asset Management.


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Ongoing Asessment

We offer a range of consultancy services covering elements such as support. Contact Us to learn more about the benefits of working with us.


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Highly recommend

Andrew was helpful from the start to finish, of our GDPR compliance, and explained our obligations in an easy to understand format from presentation to compilation of all required documents -Thank you from all @previewproperty

– TF

They provide solutions

Andrew sorted out my GDPR process quickly and efficiently not missing a trick. His knowledge was worth every penny and I am now confident we are running a well balanced and compliant business. Get dates in quick though as he is a busy and a sought after man!

– H.P

Non-Jargon Format

Andrew is very knowledgeable and spoke in a non-jargon format that was easy to understand, follow and implementI would definitely recommend

– J.K

Number One Business Consultancy


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We cut through the unnecessary complexity and simply and effectively support you with document templates, guidance with impact assessments and staff training.

We achieve and maintain compliance for our clients.

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